West Coast Engineering & Automation, Inc.
Design & Manufacturing of Automated Mechanical Equipment

About Us

West Coast Engineering & Automation, Inc. is the culmination of 50 plus years in the business of designing and fabricating equipment for various industries in the Southern California area.  We work very hard to provide the highest quality customized solutions and always deliver a job done right.

Over the years we have helped customers solve many technical challenges that have generated many excellent product designs.  We would be pleased to work with you in providing solutions to your technical challenges.

Susan Stewart - Electrical Engineer / Owner: 15+ years of diversified experience in the Electrical Engineering field; from DC-DC Switch Mode Power Supply Design for the military to Industrial Controls for heavy machinery.  She received a Bachelors' Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington and has worked as an Electronics Designer for Boeing, General Dynamics Electronics, Amex-Allied Bendix Corp., and as a Project Engineer-Designer at  SAIC Technologies, a Program Engineer at Global Environmental Network, Electronics Engineer at Magnetic Design Labs, Inc., and an Electrical-Controls-Programming Engineer at Rainbow Disposal Co.

Jeff Romacly - Mechanical Engineer: 30+ years of hands on experience in Design, Machining, Welding and Fabrication; since childhood working in his family owned business, Beach Fabricating Co., with diverse clients such as Becton Dickenson (Medical Products), NASA (Aerospace), Mugen/Honda (Racing Products), Ron Johnson Engineering (Civil Engineering), and Rainbow Disposal Co. (Recycling & Refuse Hauling Equipment).  He received his formal education in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State Long Beach and worked directly as a Senior Project Engineer for McDonnell Douglas Corp., Mobil Oil Corp., and Rainbow Disposal Co. with which he has a U.S. patent granted for a pyrolysis process.